Skis Shipping Service

Ship skis to your hotel at your Destination and avoids the airport hassle! Shipping skis and luggage directly to the resort makes traveling a breeze. Discover the convenience of shipping your large skis, boots, and overstuffed luggage bags to your destination is not a new concept! Neighborhood Parcel Shipping Service offers a great way to ship your sticks ahead of time and have them wait for you at the destination. Avoid Airport delays, airline fees, and ship your luggage ahead of time.

Skis Shipping Service In Boston MA

The easiest way to ship your skis, snowboards & luggage

Did you know that our airlines collected over $2.0 billion in luggage fees in 2014, then mishandled 24 million bags? So, instead of dragging your sticks and luggage through the Boston Logan airport then risking lost or damaged luggage, ship your skis with Neighborhood Parcel. We offer door-to-door service in metro Boston and Andover MA. Plus up to 40% less than major Transportation providers. Start experiencing hassle-free travel today! Call us at (978)851-0199

We all left Boston MA and went to Conway New Hampshire, from there some of the group went back home while others went to Vermont. Neighborhood Parcel team was able to handle multi-leg travel destinations with many different individual itineraries with no issues whatsoever. It alleviated the stress of airport travel and allowed us to really enjoy every aspect of our winter vacation.

Jeff D. Dracut MA

The Best Way to Ship Your Skis

Our shipping service makes it easy to ship skis, and snowboards from your home or hotel to the winter resort. Enjoy traveling hassle-free by shipping your skis and luggage with us ahead of time. Don’t fall victim to Airline fees! U.S. Airlines collected north of $2.5 billion in baggage handling fees and lost or damaged over 24 million bags. So, the choice is clear: Instead of lugging your sticks and luggage through the airport and risking lost or damaged baggage, ship your skis with us. Neighborhood Parcel is within the snow country of New England, we know a thing or two about snow, skiing, and winter fun! We offer door-to-door service with tracking and insurance options. Leave the shipping to us, you hit the slope and enjoy your vacation.

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