International Shipping and Packaging Tips

How to Save Money on International shipping Service?

International Shipping and packaging tips that will help you get your gifts and packages delivered safely and economically. Neighborhood Parcel of Lowell MA can help you make shipping and packaging simple and affordable. We know that you are busy and don’t have the time to fill shipping forms or find the right box for your shipment. We have decades of experience when it comes to both Domestic and International shipping services and we can help you make your next shipment easy and affordable.

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How To Reduce International Shipping Cost

So here is how you can make your shipping simple and affordable. Our low overhead and volume shipping allows us to negotiate favorable shipping rates with our carriers. These savings get passed to our loyal customers. Here are few more tips on how to save on shipping and packaging:

  • Use at least two inches of packaging peanuts on each side of your package. This helps keep your items or cookies protected on the long journey from your house to Grandma’s, or even to the other side of the world. We ship worldwide to over 220 Countries from Russia, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Cambodia, China, and Australia.
  • Use packing tape: Don’t use masking, cellophane, or duct tape – packing tape is designed to help keep your boxes safe, secure, and easy to open upon arrival. Our store has ample supplies of packaging tape.
  • Make sure the recipient’s addresses are visible both inside and outside of the package. Just in case the address becomes unreadable, this extra step can ensure that your package reaches its final destination.
  • Use a new box designed for shipping: You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and dollars into those gifts and packages; don’t trust those precious items to a wimpy box you found in the basement. We have the approved packaging to fit all your shipping needs starting as low as 99¢.
  • Trust the experts. With Neighborhood Parcel®, you can ship with peace of mind. We have a long list of carriers from US Postal Service, FedEx to DHL and UPS. You decide how fast and how much to spend on your shipping. Our state-of-the-art POS system will scan all carrier’s rates and show you the choices on a single screen.
  • International Paperwork: We can help you take the mystery out of customs forms, we can help you complete the forms accurately to avoid customs delays.

So don’t sweat it. With a little bit of help from the experts at Neighborhood Parcel®, you can be confident that your gifts reach their destination safely and with money to spare in your pocket!

Neighborhood Parcel is celebrating it 7th anniversary this year, we came a long way, our company continues to grow because we do the basic stuff very well, we invest in our people and they deliver great service that is why 90% of our business is repeat business. We work hard to keep our rates low and pass the savings to our clients. Our stores often have expedited service because we know customers hate to wait

Says Mr. Bechat CEO of Neighborhood Parcel® during a Boston Press Conference.

A quick look at the company website shows that the company provides a wide menu of services including international shipping Via FedEx, DHL, and U.S Post Office, the website is easy to navigate and contains resources to help with all shipping and packaging services. The company headquarters is based in the heart of historic Lowell Massachusetts and is very convenient to reach via Highway, train, or bus.