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When it comes to express shipping service, you will be presented with multiple choices. But how do you know the most reliable courier that can get it done for you! At Neighborhood Parcel, we have decades of experience in the express delivery business and know the ins and outs of the trade. So we can help guide you in selecting the best ad most reliable delivery courier for your package, so it will arrive on time and within budget!

Decade Of Experience

When you need to have your package delivered overnight or the fastest way possible, trust our robust carrier network to get there safely and on time. Neighborhood Parcel provides reliable Express Overnight shipping service, our company was built in 2006 to provide International and Express shipping services to U.S and International consumers. We have a wide network of carriers that can handle ALL your express overnight shipping needs, from shipping an express letter across town to delivering Aircraft engines across the Atlantic. We have decades of experience in international shipping and packaging and can help you save time and money. Our state-of-the-art computer system will scan all carrier rates and display them for you to choose from. With DHLUPS, EMS, and FedEx EXPRESS Shipping, your shipments can clear customs while still in the air enabling delivery by the end of the next possible business day, saving you time and money.

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FedEx Express shipping service

FedEx is our favorite Express Carrier for your overnight, 2 and 3-day service within the U.S. and Canada. The reliability of FedEx continues to be unmatched when it comes to delivering urgent documents, medicines, temperature con Save troll, and critical business documents overnight, Neighborhood Parcel is a FedEx Authorized Shipping Center for FedEx since 2007 offering a full menu of FedEx services, like Ground and Home Delivery services including a wide variety of FedEx boxes, letters, and packaging supplies. For your pre-paid packages, Neighborhood Parcel can act as your FREE drop-off location. “Your Package, Your choice” We know that you are the Boss! You can always select an alternative to FedEx and can go with DHL, Express Mail, or UPS.

DHL Express Office location

The good news is that we offer all their services under one menu! If it has to be delivered overseas fast, you must select the best carrier in the industry, someone who owned a large fleet of aircraft and makes the world a smaller place: DHL Express! Neighborhood Parcel is a proud Authorized Shipping center | DHL Service Point since 2007. We enjoyed helping Bostonians ship their packages overseas in the most economical way. We offer free DHL supplies and packaging assistance including the preparation of your export documents. One large difference between DHL, UPS, and FedEx is the fact that DHL relies on its own network of aircraft and employees to deliver your shipment, while FedEx utilizes 3rd party contractors and brokers. Causing some concerns about the chain of custody and security of your shipment. See how we can help you save hundreds on your next International shipment! We have a robust network of Air, Ocean, and Ground carriers for your next shipment. Select DHL and FedEx for all your Express and Overnight shipments. Ocean & Air Cargo Freight for your large and bulky parcels.


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