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Office paper shredders are proven to be a bing waste of labor


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Our service is HIPAA compliant

Our service is HIPAA compliant for destroying medical and PHI files

We have been helping Boston Area Small businesses, accountants, medical practices, and lawyers keep their client’s data safe and in compliance with HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy Laws. Locally Owned And Operated Business since 2007. We believe in transparency and honesty. We love to earn your business, you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it!

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Efficient Way To Shred

The process is simple.  We deliver consoles or 95 Gallon bins to your location.  These locked containers are placed strategically throughout your business office or warehouse. Your staff drop in the documents you want to destroy.  Once documents are placed in a console or bin they cannot be retrieved or viewed by unauthorized personnel. We give a lock and a key to have access to the bin, service is a phone call away when needed to (978)-636-0301.

Scheduled shredding services are an integral part of complete document shredding and media destruction programs. Documents that are inactive and no longer need to be retained take up costly office space and may contain sensitive, confidential information that poses a security risk to your business if exposed. The solution is simple! shred those unneeded documents.  But feeding sensitive documents a few pages at a time through slow office paper shredders usually is not the most productive use of your and your staff’s valuable time.  As a result, some employees may be tempted to simply toss documents in a wastebasket, which leaves confidential information exposed where anyone who passes by can access it. Regular Scheduled Shredding Service is the solution!

This is the most effective and secure way to regularly destroy unneeded records: Scheduling your shredding service with us makes it easy to dispose of office documents in a secure way without investing your valuable time and resources, and without risking the exposure of confidential information. We provide you with secure 95-gallon bins that you can keep in the office or near the copy machine, your employees can find it convenient to toss your unneeded office documents in our secure bins. You can schedule service either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed. You pay a low bin rental fee of as low as $149.95 / Month and pay for service when you need it.

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I did not like the fact that Staples hires third parties and my documents were exposed for weeks. Neighborhood Parcel had the service I was looking for. One party is responsible for my shredding service which is done within 24 Hrs after dropping the material off and locking it in their bins. You cannot go wrong with their 89¢ /Lbs rates.

Paul Sumayaki , Lowell MA

Good grief! I was so happy to cancel my Shredit contract. What a difference when you hire a local guy who does what they say they ll do. Always on time, and on the money! No hidden fees and no bait and switch like others. I highly recommend this service, it saved us so much over using our shredder and shredit.

Martha Higam, Andover MA

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