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A Real Street Address

Our Mailboxes Come With Real Street Address and Not A PO Box.

free consolidation

Consolidate all your shipments into one and save up to 60% off DHL, FedEx, USPS Rates

EASY application

We have an easy 3-step application process to activate your virtual mailbox address.

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Mailbox Rental Service

Mail Forwarding Service that is: Safe, Secure, And Affordable!

Identity theft is on the rise, Neighborhood Parcel Private U.S Mailboxes provide a secure alternative to having mail delivered to your home or business. International customers and businesses can now establish their own dedicated U.S addresses through the rental of US mailboxes. This is not a PO Box address! We provide you with a genuine US street address and your own PMB (private Mailbox number). You can get a mailbox with a real US street address and secure access to your U.S mail and package deliveries. Additional services include mail forwarding, fax receiving, and FREE email notification. We offer most of the postal products and services you will need right at your Neighborhood Parcel Store location in Lowell MA. When you use our mailbox services, you get convenience, security, professionalism, and other services to help run your business or receive your personal mail more efficiently.

Why Rent A Mailbox from Us?

  • Large selection of Mailboxes that fit your needs: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • You’ll get a physical street address, not a PO box number. That means we can accept packages from UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • Keep your business mail separate from your personal mail. Plus, a physical street address adds extra professionalism.
  • We’ll tell you when items arrive through our email notification service.
  • Mail and Package Forwarding service to over 212 worldwide destinations.
  • Three easy step application process.
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Free consolidation of your mail for maximum savings.
  • Free storage of up to 45 days.
  • Free Email Notification
  • Digital Mail Scans (*) We scan your mail and email it to you. (Additional fees apply)
  • A strong alternative to FedEx Office and UPS Stores

Our Mailbox Application Process

To get your own US mailbox, the US postal service will require you to complete form 1583, our service agreement supported with two government-issued ID forms. The entire application process can be handled in person at the Neighborhood Parcel Office in Lowell MA or Online:

Form 1583 must be notarized in case you pan on receiving U.S Mail. If you are receiving packages by FedEx, UPS, DHL or Amazon, then there is no need for it but we may require to have two of your photo IDs on file.

Choose the perfect plan

We have a mailbox rental for every need! From International Students looking to buy on eBay and Amazon to big corporations looking to establish U.S Presence. Checkout These Introductory offers:


Per month


Per month


Per month

Frequently asked questions

All our mailboxes come with a genuine U.S Street, not a P.O box! The address is based in the State Of Massachusetts. Home to Boston Redsox and the The Patriots in addition to being the center for Bio and high tech industries. Grab yourself a Massachusetts Business Address to impress your clients!

Your Address Will Look Like This:

1215 Main St
Unit 115 PMB XY123
Tewksbury, MA 01876
United States Of America

Yes, you can pick up your mail and packages in person, and during our business hours only. We can also forward your mail and packages via your choice of FedEx, UPS, Post Office And DHL.

Our Digital Mail Scanning is not only popular but also the most secure way to receive your U.S Mail. Separate subscription is required and can be added to any mailbox plan.

Since we are not in the business of selling products, we rely on you to tell us what is the merchandise is worth. We prepare a Commercial invoice under good faith that the info you provide is true. However, you retain full responsibility of any consequences in clearing Customs and paying any assessed fees.

American Ex-pats overseas for over a decade and we have the experience to handle all their international mail forwarding service needs. We can forward your U.S Mail and Packages via your choice of FedEx, UPS, DHL and The Post Office.

Do You Have Other Questions About Our Mailboxes Or Mail Forwarding Services? Contact Us

Our clients say

"Thank you for helping buy my Sephora Cosmetics and shipping them to me in Kuwait. DHL was the fastest way to get them here in less than a week! Great packaging service. Kerri was great in responding to all my questions on time"
"Thank you guys for helping get my Address in the U.S so I can buy my electronics on Amazon. I was confused on how to get a mailbox but your staff helped me and guided me all the way. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I wish you had a branch here in Canada"
"I was nervous to buy a laptop from America and ship it to Qatar, but the price was right, so I bought it n Dell and I trusted you to ship it to me via DHL. I am happy to recommend you on here because it was a great experience from a trustworthy forwarder."
"Why did I use Aramex and myus all this time? I had nothing but problems with missing shipments and damages. So far, your company is right on the money with everything my business needed in Australia. This is by far the best mail redirect to Australia I can find online from US to Australia"