Shredding Household Documents

I am moving and I discovered a large amount of personal documents that I want shredded to protect my information but it was too much for my personal shredder. It keeps jamming, overheating and giving me a headache. Is there a Shredding service company out there that does this sort of thing? Make household calls? but shred safely?

Residential Document Shredding Service

Homeowners and home offices need to shred their personal documents for the same reasons large businesses do:  To protect your credit, your privacy, your customers, and it is required by State and Federal laws. At Neighborhood Parcel, we offer an affordable and convenient document shredding service to area residents and home offices in and around Boston MA and Nashua NH. Whether you live in Boston, Waltham, Framingham, Quincy, Andover, Nashua NH, Salem MA, or New Hampshire, we come to your home to pick up your documents for our secure off-site shredding.

We make house calls 7 Days A Week

  • We come to your doorstep.
  • Same day & Next Day service.
  • We empty the contents of your boxes, files, or garbage bags into our Shredding Bins.
  • You point, we pick up and haul away.
  • You don’t have to remove staples, rubber bands, or paper clips.
  • No Long Terms contracts, No Hidden Fees.
  • Your shredded materials are 100% recycled.
  • Call us TODAY (978)636-0301 for an appointment.

Residential Document Shredding

Residential Paper Shredding, Why?

Document and media destruction are just as important a part of protecting your family these days as locking the front door to your home. To protect yourself from Identity theft you can’t just throw away your confidential information. Most people don’t have the space to store all of the documents that contain their confidential information such as tax returns, investment statements, bank statements, canceled checks, credit card solicitations, credit card statements, anything with a social security number, and other personal information that must be kept confidential. Our residential shredding service is so convenient and affordable: Our truck will come right to your front door, we will haul all your old documents in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, bins, or leaf bags leaving you with clean space. The best part is that the residential shredding service is often cheaper than investing in a personal shredder and spending your valuable time feeding it 5 pages at a time! Please call us at (978)636-0301 Or Request a free quote here

Shredding Service Company For Personal Documents

If you are like most of our Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents, you probably have bank statements, brokerage reports, credit card statements, and other sensitive personal documents piling up in your home and storage space. Neighborhood Parcel’s staff can properly destroy those documents at a fraction of the cost others charge.  Don’t allow non-certified companies to haul off your sensitive documents.  Neighborhood Parcel has proven track records to handle all HIPAA and PHI documents in accordance with State and Federal Privacy Laws since 2007!

We can securely shred your:

  • Old Estate Files.
  • Sales receipts.
  • Junk mail.
  • X-ray & Medical Files.
  • Bank and brokerage statements.
  • Any documents containing your name, address, phone number, social security numbers.

Should I throw my documents into the recycling bin?

If you have not been actively protecting yourself from identity theft, the next time you take out your recycling bin, have a look at what you have just released to the public for possible identity theft. It could be as simple as an old pay stub, your phone bill from last year, or even worse, it could be your bank statement. Identity thieves need very little information to begin developing a profile on you and begin posing as you, possibly getting credit on your behalf and leaving you on the hook!

How often should I shred my personal documents?

Generally, it is recommended that you keep most of your household-related documents such as bills, expense records, and financial records for approximately 5 years.  Depending on what system of record-keeping you prefer, the number of documents that may need to be destroyed will vary per household. We recommend that you check with your lawyer or accountant for specific details.

A good system of protecting yourself is to set a file box aside which you can easily mark specifically for shredding.  When the box is full, simply drop it off at Neighborhood Parcel Shredding Center and pay as low as 89¢ /Lbs!

We are here to help! No shredding job is too big or too small for us, we handle it all. Find out today just how simple it is to outsource your residential shredding needs, to a professional document destruction company.


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