This Holiday season, avoid the long lines at the Tewksbury Post Office and head over to Neighborhood Parcel Shipping Center where our knowledgeable staff will help you package and ship all your Holiday Gifts. Relay on Neighborhood Parcel to have your gifts delivered on time for Christmas. We scan all shipping carriers’ rates and give you the option to ship using the cheapest or the fastest carrier depending on your budget. Our state-of-the-art POS system will allow you to review FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL shipping rates at a click of a button!

We believe that it is your package and your choice but we will guide you to select the best option for your budget and transit time requirements. Why ship your package online when you can have us process the shipment for you at the best-discounted rates?

All carriers will lure you to their website promising discounted rates, but once you give them permission to bill your credit card, you will be giving them permission to charge you more: They will charge up to $20 for a pickup fee, $10 for an address correction, residential and fuel surcharges. A $30 shipment that you do online can end up costing you a lot more! At Neighborhood Parcel, once you check out, we do not send you a bill or charge your credit card behind your back! We shield you from all FedEx, UPS, and DHL Hidden fees!

Holiday Shipping Tewksbury Dracut Andover MA

Shipping Holiday Gifts Advantage

The first thing you will notice when you visit our Neighborhood Parcel location in Tewksbury MA is the fact that you will be greeted with a smile and you will be in and out of the office relatively fast than sitting in long lines at the Post Office. Furthermore, you will be taking advantage of our discounted shipping rates and our expertise to help you get your gifts delivered on time and on budget. Neighborhood Parcel will help you package your gifts and dispatch them the same day via your choice of FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL.

Neighborhood Parcel Advantage

  • Locally owned and operated since 2007.
  • A+ Rating with Boston BBB.
  • Proud Member of the local Business Chamber Of Commerce.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates that you won’t get on your own.
  • Free Address Correction & Carrier Supplies.
  • Avoid carrier Pick Up Frees and Hidden Charges.
  • Convenient Location and Store Hours.

What Customers Say!

This place made it easy for me to package and ship my holiday gifts away from my family. They are great prices over FedEx, UPS, and The Post Office, so you can choose what best works for your budget.

David Roma , Dracut MA

I wanted to ship Apple iPhones to Cambodia and was afraid that the Post office will steal them, so I decided to go with DHL and I am happy to say that it was a safe bet, Neighborhood Parcel helped me package the gifts and ship them to Cambodia. A++ service.

Yin Louis , Lowell MA

Who needs the Post Office when you have a Neighborhood Parcel around the corner? I hated going to the Tewksbury location and I was using Neighborhood Parcel since 2010 and never had a single issue with the delivery of my packages.

Donna Reynolds, Andover MA


Fantastic service! I used to travel to the Boson location and always struggled with traffic and bad service. I did a quick Google search and came up with Neighborhood Parcel FedEx service point. I used them for 3 years now and I am happy to endorse them for service and always having the best FedEx rates. Why would anyone pay retail rates at when they can use this company and support local businesses?

Ahmed Balami, Boston MA

Le escribo esta carta para agradecerle por ayudarme a enviar mis documentos a Ecuador. El servicio siempre es genial, Sarah es muy servicial

Rebecca Santos, Dracut MA

I am glad this location is near my house. I can do all my business here and be in and out in minutes. On my last visit, I was able to have them print my documents, notarize them, fax them back to my office then FedEx the originals to my boss. Awesome!

Derek Swares, Wilmington

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