Who Is The Best Carrier: FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS

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This is Million dollar question! each of these giant corporations spends millions of dollars to gauge your opinion and gain your trust when it comes to shipping your package, from sponsoring Nascar cars to Super Bowl and massive TV ad campaign. Let’s face it, they cannot all be the best carrier for your next shipment. Some of them are better than others and have mastered their particular networks. Who should you use for shipping, DHL, U.S Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx? Being in the Retail shipping business industry for over a decade, we get this question often. People always seem to be confused by the options. Plus you get everyone telling you different things about the pluses and minuses of their favorite carrier. If you throw the customer representatives who call your phone into the mix, you will be extremely confused about making your shipping carrier decision.

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Who is the best shipping Carrier in Boston MA?

So here is our simple and short answer to the question: it depends! Let me give you some insight that I have gained during my tenure at FedEx, DHL, and Neighborhood Parcel. We ship hundreds of packages each and every week. We have tried all of them exclusively at one time or another in our business. Not only did we ship with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. So we have run the gambit for all of the major players in the shipping industry.

None of them are perfect! all have opportunities but each excels in a niche of the business, so let’s start with the worst one of them based on feedback from our customers and our own experience in shipping with these carriers:

Compare U.S Shipping Carriers

US Postal Service:

Delivering more mail to more addresses and to a larger geographic area than any other postal service in the world. No other organization gets mail delivery as correct as the US Mail does. They are not perfect but they have been delivering mail to American homes for nearly 200 years, you can not do better than that! If you have something that fits in an envelope or bubble mailer, use the U.S Mail for the best in class service. From a recent survey, we discovered that tracking shipment is not accurate, delivery time is never what is promised mostly for international mail. The loss and claim process is the worst! Often consumers will complain of lack of customer service, appreciation of the business, and someone who can take ownership of the problem. So we say ship with the post office if you can afford to replace the merchandise. On-time performance based on our recent survey: 23% Great for letters, small packages, and low-value items.

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Compare U.S Shipping Carriers

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Federal Express: 

Federal Express slogan “When it absolutely has to be there overnight”. They ran with that campaign and established one of the best overnight delivery services in the business. And up till now, no one can do overnight as well as FedEx can. By far, this is the best carrier that we recommend for time-sensitive items that must be there on time or the world will collapse! 92% On Time delivery of the shipment, super-accurate tracking, and billing system. This is true for both Ground and Express services, however, they are not the cheapest so you pay for quality.

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Compare U.S Shipping Carriers

DHL Express: 

In 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn (D, H, and L) founded DHL as a service shuttling bills of lading between San Francisco and Honolulu. The company grew rapidly and in a few years initiated service to the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, creating an entirely new industry of international door-to-door express service. We say that for international shipping, DHL got it! They have the best network in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Nobody can beat their on-time delivery and reliability.

Who Is The Best Courier To Ship With?

In few words..

  1. If you are shipping small packages with low value and low budget: use the US Post Office.
  2. If you are shipping bulky, heavy items, use UPS Ground and UPS Freight.
  3. If You are shipping packages for overnight express delivery, use FedEx Express.
  4. If You are shipping overseas and want to do it right: use DHL, spend more but get it done once!
  5. For packages that have a low budget but must be there: Use FedEx Ground, most cases they are cheaper than the Post Office Rates mostly if they are large.
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FedEx Express

For last minute shipments and time definit urgent delivery, FedEx Courier service delivers and on time!

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UPS Ground, and Freight Service is ideal for bulky items and heavy weight items. Ask us for our UPS Freight rates today!

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DHL Express

If has to be in Asia or Europe in a a deay or two, then DHL is your international shipping partner. ger our Lowest DHL Rate Today

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Ocean Cargo

We have a network of Ocean Cargo carriers that will make your next international move, easy and affordable

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Air Cargo

Large bulky items can be shipped overseas using our network of air cargo carriers.

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Freight Service

We ship via LTL and FTL loads in a fast and most reliable way coast to coast

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“For over a year now, I used Neighborhood Parcel to handle my company’s international shipments and eliminate the cost of operating a shipping department. Not only that they save us money in shipping, they added great value for our customers through their professional packaging and expertise in handling our exports”

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From packaging, export document preparation, to shipping and delivery, Neighborhood Parcel can help you get it there safely, quickly, and within your budget.

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