10 Reasons To Rent A Mailbox

Our Mailbox Features

Actual Street Address

Our Mailboxes Come With Actual Street Address. Not A P.O Box

Receive FedEx, UPS & DHL

We Sign For Your FedEx, DHL and UPS Packages

Email Notification

Get Notified When Mail and Packages Are Delivered

Free Consolidation

We Consolidate Your Shipments To Maximize Your Savings

Discard Spam & Junk Mail

Our Mailboxes Will Filter Away Junk And Spam Mail

Digital Mail Scanning Service

Add This Feature To Any Mailbox To receive Your Mail Via Email.

Best Mailbox Service In Boston MA

A Private mailbox rental is an option that people overlook when looking for a secure location to have mail sent. A private mailbox offers the security of a Post Office box and adds in a few extra benefits. A PMB or private mailbox is similar to P.O Box in that it is available for a fee, but is owned and operated by a private business. Because it is owned by a private business, access is available for other private businesses and couriers to deliver shipments there.  Neighborhood Parcel is an Authorized USPS Mailbox Holder, trusted for a decade to handle public mail securely and in compliance with U.S Postal rules and regulations. But why should you dish out the money to rent a Mailbox? here few reasons you should rent a mailbox from us:

  1. Security: Your street-side mailbox does not protect you from identity theft. Most street-side mailboxes do not lock, leaving sensitive personal information available to thieves.
  2. Privacy: You want to keep your information privately away from roommates or family from going through your mail. Having a separate mailing address can keep your personal business away from prying eyes.
  3. Receive FedEx & UPS Packages: You don’t want UPS or FedEx packages left at your door where they can be stolen or damaged by bad weather. We can secure your packages until you pick them up. You can also receive free email notification of package delivery so you don’t have to come to an empty mailbox, you always know what was delivered.
  4. Business Address:  You have a home-based business, but would rather not give out your home address to complete strangers. You can’t be too careful. Your family’s safety is most important.
  5. Not A P.O Box: You like the security of a P.O. Box, but UPS & FedEx are not allowed to deliver to P.O Boxes. Mailbox stores allow UPS and FedEx to deliver to a private mailbox. neighborhood Parcel will give you your own U.S Street address, not a P.O Box!
  6. Professional Image: A Virtual U.S address can add trust and validity to your business.
  7. Convenience: You hate driving all the way out to UPS or FedEx to pick up packages or envelopes that require a signature. We sign for your packages and secure them until you pick them up. You can manage your mailbox remotely via Mailboxnotification.com
  8. Free Notifications: Mailbox stores usually offer email or text notification of deliveries, or allow you to call in to check your mailbox.
  9. Digital Mail Delivery:  You are traveling or on the move, we make your mail follow you wherever you are! Try Our digital Mail scanning service, we open your snail mail and have it scanned and delivered to your email address in an instant. Save on postage and get your mail delivered via email!
  10. Mailbox Subscription Cost: Fees for PO Boxes rental are normally inexpensive. Depending on the box location and size, a 3-month term is less than $50.00. However, you need to make sure that you get the proper box size that fits your incoming mail volume.

Apply For USPS Mailbox

Mailbox Rental Service

We kept the best part for last, the entire application process to get your own Mailbox is in three easy steps that can be completed without setting foot at the store! We have a dedicated shopping cart where you can review all available Mailbox Rental plans, you can select the plan you want, the duration you need, and checkout using PayPal or any major Credit Card. If you plan on receiving Post Office Mail then form U.S 1583 must be completed and you must submit two government-issued forms of ID. For a step-by-step guide, visit our website here.

I finally got time to write a thank you letter to your office for managing my mail, I settled in Dubai and I am getting all my US mail just if was there! Your email scans are great: They allow me to stay in touch with my bills and my mail without having to spend money on postage or having to wait for weeks! I did not know about this service until my Ex mentioned it, he is one of your clients also.

Ellen M Dubai United Arab Emirates

Choose your plan

Apply for your own Mailbox in easy three step process and start your mail forwarding right away! 


$ 20
99 Per Month
  • 1 User
  • Limited Storage
  • Free Consolidation
  • Free Notification


$ 28
53 Per Month
  • 3 users
  • larger Storage
  • Concierge Service
  • Discounted Shipping


$ 36
99 Per Month
  • 5 Users
  • Largest Storage
  • Discountes Shipping
  • Executive Address