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We are a hands-on International shipping company that provides a wide range of shipping options across all modes of transportation – Ocean, Ground, Air, and Rail. Both US Domestic and International shipping. We will deliver your pallet, perishables, equipment, or containers to your target destination anywhere across the globe on-time while saving you time and money. We are the leading Ocean Container packaging and shipping service provider in metro Boston since 2004.

Ocean Container shipping services are important to business trade or international relocation services. Whether you are purchasing Italian shoes or shipping household goods from United Stated to Australia, having an economical way to ship those goods is necessary. That is where ocean container shipping services come into play. It is often the most affordable option to ship containers overseas. We provide custom-tailored attention to meet your shipping needs and requirements. We will coordinate your entire freight forwarding process, with the quality assurance and amenities that cater to your situation. Need special handling for perishables? Have high-value equipment to move? Just want the peace of mind knowing your shipment is in good hands? We have you covered!

40′ Dry Freight Container:

40′ Ocean containers can hold about 1850 to 2200 CuFt. and are usually reserved for 3 to 5 bedroom households or 1 vehicle and a 2 bedroom household.

  • Interior: L: 39′ 3/8″  | W: 7′ 8-3/8″  | H: 7′ 9-5/8″
  • Max. Net Weight: 40,000 lbs
  • Cubic Capacity: 2,376 cuft.
  • Usable Space:  1850-2200 cuft.

20′ Dry Freight Container:

20′ containers can hold about 850 to 1050 CuFt. and are usually enough space for a 1 to 2 bedroom household or 1 vehicle with a few, small-sized household goods.

  • Interior: L: 19′ 5″  | W: 7′ 8-1/8″ |  H: 7′ 9-5/8″
  • Max. Net Weight: 40,000 lbs
  • Cubic Capacity: 1,164 cuft.
  • Usable Space: 850-1050 cuft.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a large size return package?2022-10-30T10:13:28-04:00

Pre-paid returns that exceed 20 Lbs or 20″ in any dimension will be assessed a handling charge from $5 to $10. This policy is in place due to our limited storage space as we collect shipments not only from one exclusive courier but from all couriers including FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS, and DHL.

How Do I Track My Return Package?2022-10-30T10:15:48-04:00

You can track your package online at the carrier’s website or call the seller for assistance. Due to our limited resources, Neighborhood Parcel will not be involved in the research or location of your shipment.

Where Do I drop-off My Returns?2022-10-30T10:25:53-04:00

You can take advantage of our convenient location in the heart of Tewksbury MA to drop off your returns. Our office address is 1215 Main ST, Tewksbury MA 01876, near the Public Library. We are the exclusive drop-off location for UPS, FedEx, and DHL:

Frequently Returns We Process daily: Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, WayFair, LLbean, Cheggs Books, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Zappos, eBay, and more

Is The Shipping Free?2022-10-30T10:27:23-04:00

Often the pre-paid return labels are included with your shipment. If you do not have a label, you can call the seller and they will provide you with one. If not we can always ship it for you via FedEx, UPS, or Post Office for a fee.

(*) Returns that exceed 20 Lbs or 20″ dimension will be assessed a small handling fee.

Can you repackage my return?2022-10-30T10:28:27-04:00

Yes, we will be happy to repackage your return for a small fee. We have plastic bags, corrugated boxes of all sizes, and the correct packaging supplies needed to ship your returns.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?2022-11-18T09:37:01-05:00

Neighborhood Parcel accepts Cash, All Major Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Square, PayPal, and Business Checks.

How Do I Contact The Couriers?2022-10-24T22:48:00-04:00

You can reach the couriers using the links or the phone numbers below:

  • FedEx: Tel (800)GO-FedEx
  • UPS:  Tel (800)PICK-UPS
  • DHL: Tel (800)Call-DHL

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