Why Document Security So Critical?

You should pay close attention to your personal document security: In today’s age identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S. With 13 million victims yearly, identity theft is increasingly becoming an industry that pays organized criminals billions of dollars every year. Criminals will use confidential information to create fake IDs and attempt to make purchases, set up accounts, and carry out business transactions using someone’s information. They may seek this information from various places, including banks, medical facilities, or homeowner’s trash cans. Here are some ways to help protect your privacy:

  1. Go Paperless: Still receiving bank statements and doctors’ invoices by mail? You don’t need your Social Security number floating around in your trash can on the curb outside. Call your bank, doctor, credit card company, etc. to find out if you can go paperless and manage your records via a secure online portal. You’ll save a tree and protect your privacy.
  2. Shred Sensitive Documents: Those credit card and health savings account statements you don’t need that have been sitting in that folder on your desk? They’re a privacy liability. Get rid of them (securely, using a shredder).
  3. Pay attention to financial documents: When dealing with any documents with personal information such as credit card data, social security numbers, and all banking information, it is best to follow the same guidelines, if not more strict procedures. This is why a document shredding service is a cost-effective and simple tool anyone can use to protect their personal and confidential files and documents from identity theft.

Neighborhood Parcel plans were developed specifically to deal with the Document privacy and confidentiality requirements of Residents and Business organizations in Massachusetts. We can also help you with year-end office document purges and year-end cleanouts. Our proven, uncompromising document shredding standards make sure your documents get destroyed in compliance with State, Federal Privacy Laws, and your specific company policy. Document shredding is an inexpensive way to have professional shredding services provide the security and confidentiality a business or resident needs to ensure that documents are destroyed in a proper and diligent manner. For more information on how to protect your privacy and document shredding please visit us at: mydocumentshredding.com

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