Mail Forwarding For American Expats

When you move overseas, you will need to consider keeping a U.S mailbox Address to collect your mail. But first, let’s consider the following potential alternative option you may have – your parents/friends/cousins who are living in the U.S.

Reasons To Getting Mailbox For Ex-pats

1) Privacy, when you use other family members or friends to collect your mail, you will not only burden them by the task of collecting and forwarding your mail, you will also be sharing your mail and its contents with others. A Mailbox for Ex-pats is the solution!

2) Your Mailbox is the safest place to collect your purchases and a secure location to receive all your U.S mail, IRS letters, and bank statements.

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American Expats Need A Reliable Mail Forwarder

American Expats are relying on our Mail forwarding. You sign up, obtain a U.S mailing address, and on your way you go! We are a trusted service for all your mail and packages forwarding service needs. Not only that we will provide you an approved U.S Street address Mailbox, but we can also open and scan your mail then deliver it instantly into your inbox! With our mail forwarding service, you won’t miss a beat. This is perfect for Ex-pats and international shoppers. You won’t have to worry about stopping any subscriptions, you know exactly where your mail is going, and you have direct access to these items online.

American Expats Mail Forwarder


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