Certainly! At our center, we focus on providing top-notch shipping and packaging services, and while we are experts in this area, we rely on your input when it comes to the value of the products you’re shipping. When preparing a Commercial Invoice for your shipment, it’s crucial that we receive accurate information from you about the worth of your merchandise. We prepare these documents in good faith, trusting that the details you provide are truthful and precise.

It’s important to understand that the valuation you give us has significant implications. The value declared on the Commercial Invoice is used by Customs authorities to assess duties and taxes. Therefore, accuracy is not just a matter of good practice but a necessity for smooth transit through customs.

However, please be aware that while we assist in preparing these documents based on the information you provide, the ultimate responsibility for any consequences that arise during customs clearance falls on you. This includes dealing with any discrepancies in valuation and being liable for any fees assessed by Customs authorities.

We encourage our customers to be as accurate and honest as possible when providing product values. This approach helps avoid potential complications with customs clearance and ensures that your shipment complies with all regulations. Our team is here to help guide you through the process, but the final accountability for the information on the Commercial Invoice, and any resultant customs issues, rests with you.