If you are going to keep our old documents looking as professional as possible, you will need to make sure that you are using the correct laminating service. Neighborhood Parcel uses Hot laminating machines with heated plates or rollers

Best Lamination Service In Tewksbury and Lowell MA

Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA will help you keep your important documents looking new. Our document laminating service will help your documents stay free from dust, moisture, fingerprints, and other environmental damage, so they’ll stay safe and clean for a long time. We use top-quality 3M Laminating Sheets that turn flimsy old papers into durable, reusable documents that stand up to frequent use. Use the sheets to cover a set of phone instructions for your receptionist, laminate a work schedule, restore an old legal document, or create reusable name badges for monthly work events.

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Reasons To Laminate Your Documents

Our laminating process is to insert a material, usually paper, into a 3M lamination pouch. Most pouches are sealed on one side so the document does not slide out. The pouch, with an optional laminating carrier, is run through the machine to affix the lamination to the material with both heat and pressure. There are multiple reasons to laminate your old documents or pressure memories. The top three reasons you should laminate your documents are:

  • Protection from spills and weather elements: As you know, paper isn’t exactly the sturdiest material in the world. It is prone to rips and can be damaged easily by spilled liquids and excessive handling but you can not rip a laminated document and if you spill something on it, the liquid can be easily wiped away. Your documents become of plastic nature and resist daily abuse.
  • For preservation:  Preservation is key when it comes to irreplaceable documents of historic nature or legal implications. If you laminate something, it will stay in its present condition for many years and it won’t yellow or fade. That simple!
  • Better presentation. Lamination can be used to prepare your material for presentation. The colors will be protected and the material will be very sturdy to hand out.

Neighborhood Parcel has a wide menu of document services that include Fax, Copy, Lamination, and Document shredding service. The company is proudly serving the following towns: Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Lowell, Tewksbury, Wilmington, and Woburn in Massachusetts. To get started, please call us at (978)851-0199 or Contact us here.

How Laminating Works

Our 3M Laminating sheets turn old documents into durable, reusable documents.  Laminated sheets can be used for a variety of purposes: protect old photos, laminate a classroom schedule for your students, or create reusable name badges for a monthly networking event.

  • Laminate instruction sheets and posters. Cover these documents with laminating sheets to protect them and save you the effort and cost of reprinting.
  • Our laminating sheets allow you to protect documents so you can use them again and again.


Fantastic service! I used to travel to the Boson location and always struggled with traffic and bad service. I did a quick Google search and came up with Neighborhood Parcel FedEx service point. I used them for 3 years now and I am happy to endorse them for service and always having the best FedEx rates. Why would anyone pay retail rates at FedEx.com when they can use this company and support local businesses?

Ahmed Balami, Boston MA

Le escribo esta carta para agradecerle por ayudarme a enviar mis documentos a Ecuador. El servicio siempre es genial, Sarah es muy servicial

Rebecca Santos, Dracut MA

I am glad this location is near my house. I can do all my business here and be in and out in minutes. On my last visit, I was able to have them print my documents, notarize them, fax them back to my office then FedEx the originals to my boss. Awesome!

Derek Swares, Wilmington

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