Picking Up The Pieces


Picking Up The Pieces: How To File Damage Claims

Every day in America, parcels are shipped from every corner of the country to the other. For the most, part shipping companies do their best to make sure your package arrives safely, but the simple fact is that accidents happen. Fortunately, shipping companies have claims services for just such occasions; if you’ve followed their guidelines, that is.

Say you decided to ship a laptop across the country via UPS ground. You’ve filled a box with bubble wrap, taped up any possible openings, and provided a clear shipping label, and everything seems to go ahead without a hitch. Then you get a call from the receiver; the laptop’s screen has a long crack running through it. UPS actually has a claims service for just such an occasion, and according to their website typically goes as follows:

 Damage Claim Process

  1. The damage to the parcel is reported.
  2. UPS inspects the package if required.
  3. A claim is authorized.
  4. UPS reviews documents associated with the claim.
  5. The claim is paid.

The sad reality of these package damage claims is that they hardly ever see the third step of the claims process. Part of the fine print when shipping is that when the package is prepared, it must adhere to a UPS standard in order for a claim to be authorized. Anything from poor quality tape to improper internal protection can cause a failure on the inspection.

Neighborhood Parcel, on the other hand, provides its own packing service that abides by guidelines set by UPS and other shipping services. We use proper techniques and material down to the product number to ensure that, should the unthinkable happen to your property, that companies like UPS follow through with their claims service. To this day we haven’t had a single claim denied thanks to our practice, and we plan to keep it that way.

When my picture frame was damaged by FedEx during its transit to Florida, my damage claim was automatically declined by the carrier but I insisted that the packaging was done by an Authorized shipping center who documented the packaging of the shipment by the use of photos and inventory of material used. I did not want to package the Artwork myself because I did not have the expertise to package it right. A week later, the Authorized shipping center reimbursed me for the cost of the repair and the shipment. My advice is leave the packaging to the pros, doing it yourself may not be the solution if the shipment is of value to you.

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