Terms of container shipping:

Port To Port

The container will be picked up from port A and delivered to port B, the customer is responsible to clear the customer’s fees and arrange delivery to his address. This is the cheapest option because you will be doing some of the work yourself like dropping off and picking up from the Ports

Door To Door

This is where we do all the work, we deliver the container to the customer, and he/she loads it within 24 Hrs and gets it delivered to its destination, the customs broker is assigned to clear customers and collect payment then deliver it to the customer’s address. This is the most expensive due to broker and delivery fees.

Full Container Load (FCL)

cargo moving in a single rigid, sealed, reusable metal box in which the merchandise is shipped by an ocean carrier. All containers will have construction fittings, or fastenings able to withstand, without permanent distortion, all stresses that may be applied in normal service use of continuous transportation. Shipping full containers help lower shipping costs.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Combine smaller shipments (LCL) that are going to the same destination port, and provide you with reduced shipping costs. At the port of destination, we carefully consolidated the shipment and deliver it to the final destination. A less-than-container load (LCL) shipment is a shipment of cargo that does not fill a container and is merged with cargo for more than one consignee or from more than one shipper.


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Are you looking to ship an Ocean Cargo Container? Neighborhood Parcel Supply Chain Solutions has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of freight container shipping services, which, as stand-alone or bundled together, create innovative supply chain solutions for our end-users and international clients.

International Container Shipping

We can manage International transportation networks, dedicated fleets, and carriers as well as deliver orders anywhere through our global network. Our freight container shipping services can bring those parts together to make managing your shipment and cargo simpler. We ship containers to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America on weekly basis from any port in the US. Your items from household to industrial parts are professionally packaged and shipped on time to ensure safe arrival. Our International container shipping experts will guide you through the process from A to Z and can answer all your questions.


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