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13 09, 2014

How To Avoid Freight Shipping Pitfalls

2022-10-29T21:57:54-04:00By |Categories: Domestic Shipping, International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , |

Freight shipping when done right can reduce your shipping cost by up to 75% but if not done right, you can kiss the savings goodbye! We understand that the rules and regulations of LTL freight shipping can sometimes seem overwhelming, even to the most seasoned person / shipper. For instance, you need to know how your product is defined by the freight industry (referred to as the product or freight’s NMFC), how to properly prepare your shipping documentation and how the freight should be properly packaged or handled. You'll also want to evaluate carriers and the variety of options that are available to you for getting your freight to its final destination as quickly, reliably and cost effective as possible. Having decades on experience in the freight industry, Neighborhood Parcel is glade to share the following tips to make your next freight shipment a success:

13 09, 2014

Neighborhood Parcel Giving Back to The Community

2022-11-18T14:05:31-05:00By |Categories: Shipping Services|Tags: , |

Neighborhood Parcel, a Biz International Corporation is delighted to announce that as part of its overall corporate responsibility program, it will be supporting the Massachusetts Habitat For Humanity organization and continue to support the Lazarus House of Lawrence MA. Our support will come in volunteering and charitable donations to these worthy causes and organizations.

20 03, 2014

Who Is The Best Carrier: FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS

2022-11-19T10:46:50-05:00By |Categories: Domestic Shipping, International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , , , |

Who should you use for shipping, DHL, US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx? Being in Retail shipping business industry for over a decade, we get this question often. People always seem to be confused by the options. Plus you get everyone telling you different things about the pluses and minuses of their favorite carrier. If you throw the customer representatives who call your phone into the mix, you will be extremely confused about making your shipping carrier decision.

20 03, 2014

Returning A Package To China

2022-10-10T21:30:25-04:00By |Categories: International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , |

So you saved few bucks and got Hair Wig, an Ipad or pair of Uggs? just to learn that they were counterfeit or not as described! The merchant asks you to return the merchandise to get your refund but the return must be done by DHL.. Well join the hundred of disappointed U.S shoppers! Being in the shipping business for a long time, we see customers on daily basis walking back with their packages after learning the price to ship and return their merchandise to China far exceeds the purchase price!

25 02, 2014

Free Shipping Myth

2022-11-19T19:58:56-05:00By |Categories: Domestic Shipping, International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , |

Online retailers often advertise free shipping.. but is FedEx, UPS or the post office are not delivering your goods free of charge, someone is paying them and that is you at the end of the line! For the first example lets look at a purchase of a dress shoes. It not time sensitive, it can take a week or two to get to where it needs to be and it’s still shoes. Places like the larger fashion retailer stores have warehouses around the country and the shoes are shipping using the closest warehouse and the least expensive way possible. In this case the shipping may actually be minimum, it will not eat into seller's profit.

3 06, 2012

FedEx Shipping Center Tewksbury MA

2022-11-17T20:22:56-05:00By |Categories: Domestic Shipping, FedEx Express, International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , , |

Neighborhood Parcel is your Lowell and Tewksbury MA FedEx Shipping Center. The FedEx portfolio of shipping services has been assembled to address the unique needs of all Tewksbury MA customers. Whether you are shipping near or far, to clients or family, in a hurry or not and no matter the budget, there is a FedEx service that is right for you. Explore our extensive options to find the shipping services that meet your specific needs. We offer a wide range of service options: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx International shipping services.

14 04, 2012

Moving Service In Lowell MA

2022-11-23T15:47:45-05:00By |Categories: International Moving, International Shipping, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , , |

Finding reputable moving company in and around Lowell MA can be hard work. It takes time to research and compare the right company for your next move. At Neighborhood Parcel, we put top national moving companies in front of you so you can spend less time planning your next move.

27 08, 2011

International Moving Service

2022-10-10T22:13:39-04:00By |Categories: Domestic Shipping, International Moving, International Shipping, Packaging Service, Shipping Services|Tags: , , , |

International Moving doesn't have to cost you a fortune if you hire the right company. Neighborhood Parcel has decades of experience in helping area residents with local or long distance moves. We offer services in packing, storage, and delivery anywhere in the world. Our experienced crew is trained to help you pack up your place quickly and carefully, and you will be offered all the necessary moving supplies. Your packages will arrive safely to their destinations and you will have money left to decorate your new place!

21 08, 2011

What and When to Shred

2022-10-29T22:13:35-04:00By |Categories: Document Shredding|Tags: , , , , |

To avoid legal problems resulting from the destruction of documents, a document retention policy must be routinely followed and diligently maintained. All employees must know what to do with their documents and how to eliminate unnecessary documents. Likewise, all supervisors must clearly state and remind their employees of how the policy works. These techniques will ensure that a properly designed policy will be consistently applied.


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