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Shipping your mobile phone to your family member overseas should not be so hard these days if you hire the right shipping service provider like Neighborhood Parcel. While other vendors like FedEx Office and UPS Stores will refuse to ship your phone because they want to treat it as Hazardous material, Neighborhood Parcel has decades of experience in handling Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Electronics. From packaging them using the correct packaging to properly classifying the shipment using the correct Harmonized Code and proper export paperwork.

We offer the best solutions for sending mobile phones internationally, whether you are buying a fancy new cell phone abroad or delivering electronics to your customers, friends, and family. Find out how to ship an iPhone or any other smartphone safely and cost-effectively to any destination in the world. 



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The cheapest way of shipping an iPhone, iWatch, or any other smartphone is by using FedEx and DHL shipping services. At Neighborhood Parcel, our most affordable shipping solution is the use of our network of carriers that allows you to send a mobile phone throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. When sending a mobile phone abroad, choose the DHL Express Service to have your equipment delivered fast worldwide.

How To Ship Your Phone Safely? All you have to do for shipping a mobile phone overseas by FedEx or DHL is to properly package your phone and electronics, head to Neighborhood Parcel and we will take care of the rest! With the right packaging and documents, it is certainly safe to ship mobile phones by courier. Most shipping companies are fairly used to transporting such items as they are very popular among shippers. When shipping a mobile phone overseas, you will need the original invoice of your item and to pay for the applicable customs fees in the destination country.

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Driving through Boston looking for a FedEx Office that will accept to ship my used cell phone to my mom overseas. Most of the staff had no clue how to handle Lithium batteries while others simply refused to help me. I ended up at Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury and I was very happy when they helped me ship my phone, they packaged it, completed the export documents and all I had to do is sign!

Mohamed T | Boston MA

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African Mover in California

I was turned away at The UPS Store and Neighborhood Parcel was the only location that could help me ship my phone to Liberia Africa

Yu Manga | Lowell MA

Sending my mom my old phone was quite the task! But Neighborhood Parcel made the entire process easy and they DHL rates were a lot lower than DHL.com retail rates!

Martha Kim | Burlington MAx

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Where Do I Ship My Cell Phone

Clients and small businesses in Acton, Andover, Billerica, Boston, Burlington, Chelmsford, Concord, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Methuen, Reading, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Westford, Wilmington, Woburn, and Worcester MA can use Neighborhood Parcel to package and ship their electronics overseas.

Cell phones are very expensive. With the latest flagship models like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy north of $1,000, you’re probably looking to sell your old model to help offset the cost of your shiny new investment or hook up your old friend and family member overseas.

Once you decide who is worthy of your old phone, it’s time to ship it. If this is your first time shipping a cell phone, you might not be sure of the best way to get your old device to its new home. With each of the different types of shipments requiring different packaging and shipping rules, the whole process can feel more than a bit daunting. A cell phone, for example, must be packaged carefully because it contains a lithium-ion battery. Call us or stop by so we can take the mystery out of shipping!

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How to Safely Package a Cell Phone

The last thing you want is for your cell phone to get damaged or broken during the international shipping process, so proper packaging is a key to safe delivery. Choose a cardboard box that will is rigid (we have them in stock), strong, and will fit the phone well. A box that is too big will leave too much room for the phone to move around inside and cost more to ship. A box that is 10″ x 4″ x 8″ is a good choice for shipping your cell phone.

The phone should be wrapped in two or three layers of bubble wrap as the first layer of protection and anti-static foam. Make sure you wrap the charger or USB cable seperately for the phone in bubble wrap as well.  Around the bubble wrap, place a layer of paper, packing chips, more bubble wrap, or cardboard pieces so the phone doesn’t shift around in the box during transit. 

Cell phones contain lithium batteries which need extra precaution. Cell phones are designed to keep batteries grounded when attached, so do not remove the batteries before shipping.  It’s also important to ensure that battery terminals are not exposed during shipping.

Tip:  Turn the phone off before packaging to help prevent your phone’s lithium battery from causing a hazardous situation during shipment.

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Neighborhood Parcel is the leading international shipping and moving service in the Boston MA area. As FedEx, DHL and UPS Authorized shipping center; we can help you package and ship your valuable goods across town or over the Atlantic! In addition to our robust menu of international shipping services, we are becoming the leading Mover and International Mail Forwarder in Boston Massachusetts.